Integrated Inquiry

The staff at Castlemaine North have been working with educational consultant Kath Murdoch for several years to develop high-quality inquiry-based learning across the school.
Undertaking inquiry learning develops student understandings in learning areas such as English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography as well as general capabilities including Information and Communication Technology, Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability, and Intercultural Understanding. Students develop their skills as collaborators, self-managers, communicators, thinkers and researchers through this approach. They work through the process of tuning in, finding out, sorting out, going further, taking action and reflection throughout class and individual inquiries.Inquiry-based learning brings community members into the school, as well as taking the students out into the community, to assist them to build their knowledge and understandings and make meaningful connections in their learning.

“Students investigate significant questions and work towards authentic outcomes. These inquiries go beyond simply ‘doing a topic’, these are investigations with a real purpose.” (Kath Murdoch)