Teaching & Learning

Our current Strategic Plan student learning goal is to improve the learning outcomes of all students through personalised learning and differentiated teaching.

At Castlemaine North we use a range of assessment tools and student achievement data to assist our ‘point of need’ approach to teaching and learning.

Learning experiences are matched to the needs of the student. These tasks recognize the differences among students’ readiness levels, areas of interest and learning profile.

Flexible grouping of students includes whole group, small group, and independent work. Student groups remain flexible because they are responsive to student needs.

Our school’s purpose statement and philosophy highlights a commitment to a learner-centred approach to education i.e. “To support our students to be courageous, inquiring learners who strive to do their best in a caring environment”. One of our goals is that our students be supported to take more responsibility for their own learning which will in turn have a positive influence on their growth and performance.