Pro-social skills program

For several years Castlemaine North has been implementing the ‘Play is the Way’ program designed by Wilson McCaskill.

About ‘Play is the Way’
‘Play is the Way’ is a practical methodology for teaching social and emotional learning using guided play, classroom activities and an empowering language – behaviour education using wisdom, not force.

“Let us raise children to be considerate of themselves, others and the world in which they live, with sound reasons for the things they say and do… from this, all else will follow” (Wilson McCaskill , ‘Play is the Way’ creator).

What it looks like
The session often involves a lot of talking, movement and laughter. Each new game requires students to face new challenges as an individual and together as part of a team. Each challenge incorporates our golden rules:

  • Be brave – participate to progress
  • Pursue your personal best no matter who you work with
  • It takes great strength to be sensible
  • Treat others as you would like them to treat you
  • Have reasons for the things you say and do

The games are designed to get progressively harder to challenge students and to build their love of the learning process. They learn quickly that success isn’t necessarily winning, but progressing further then last time.

Students are encouraged to reflect on what they have discovered during the session, from personal feelings, team discussions and game strategies for next time. Every student has a voice and a part to play in our sessions.