L.O.T.E. / Indonesian

Learning Indonesian at Castlemaine North has been an integral part of the curriculum for many years. The program aims to fuse the development of foreign linguistic and communication skills with cultural knowledge and awareness. Students participate in language classes for one hour per week in a dedicated language learning environment, one which encourages engagement, inquiry learning and deepens intercultural understanding. Critical thinking, reflective skills and creativity are embedded as the students learn about the various and unique ways in which people live throughout the world. In an ever-increasing global community, learning a second language provides students with the tools to do this effectively. During language classes at the North School students engage in a wide range of tasks. This year some highlights have been traditional batik dying, playing the gamelan orchestra, shadow puppetry and creating personalised books and translations using the school i-Pads.As part of the Language program we also sponsor an Indonesian village through World Vision and participate in various fundraising activities that support this throughout the year.

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During 2014 the students participated in the Pasar Sekolah Utara(The North School) Market. The event was a fundraiser for our World Vision sponsorship which successfully raised over $650.00 that will assist in funding health and educational resources for an underprivileged community in the East Sumba region of Indonesia. Students were involved in the preparation and service of an Indonesian meal deal, the great second hand toy swap, and also had the opportunity to witness our traditional Balinese lion-dragon awaken after many years of hibernation.


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